What we do

We believe the future is only limited by the extend of our imagination.


Inocea companies deliver world-class, mission-critical products and services for real-world applications today, and into the future. This ranges from building state-of- the-art polar icebreakers enabling sovereign nations to protect their Arctic sovereignty, sustaining NATO operations with our unique combat support ship, to safeguarding commercial vessels from the increased threat of cyber attack.

At Inocea, we have a relentless drive to push the boundaries of research and development to create pioneering concepts to solve future challenges long before our customers realize they have a problem.

Future Technologies

We believe the future is limited only by the extend of our imagination. Our group is partnering with global leaders in their respective fields to rethink how the transforming challenges our clients face can be overcome with future technologies.


Inocea Group companies work tirelessly with our clients to deliver the highest quality products and services, which are also cost-effective, fit-for-purpose, rapidly implementable and scalable.


Above all, we are a people business. Our world-class services and products are conceived, created and delivered by our committed, diverse, multi-disciplinary teams. Collaboration, innovation and the customer drive our people. They take responsibility in a mission-critical environment.

Major Current & Recent Programs

Helsinki Shipyard

Arctic Shipbuilding

Helsinki Shipyard is the world leader in the design and construction of icebreaking vessels for the Arctic and ice-covered seas, as well as a prominent builder of vessels for the international cruise and ferry industries. Over 60% of the global icebreaker fleet has been built at Helsinki Shipyard. Located in the centre of Finland’s capital city, the company is the pioneer in innovation for global icebreaking technologies, including everything from hull design and materials to nuclear and LNG propulsion. www.helsinkishipyard.fi

Federal fleet services

Defence Logistics

The Resolve-Class Combat Support Ship is built, owned and operated by Inocea Group companies. It demonstrates perfectly the wide-reaching capabilities of our group. The ship was the result of a highly innovative approach that would enhance any navy’s ability to sustain itself in all theatres of operation. A concept conceived, designed and developed by Inocea, the delivery of the first ship in 2018 has since supported allied and NATO operations worldwide. This includes real-world operations in East Africa, the Arabian Sea and the Korean peninsula as part of international naval task groups involved in counter-terrorism, anti-piracy, counter-narcotics, sanction enforcement and general patrol duties. Inocea company, Federal Fleet Services, is currently under contract to provide at-sea support services to the Royal Canadian Navy. Visit Federal Fleet Services. www.federalfleet.ca

National Icebreaker Centre

Polar Icebreaker Construction

Over the next two decades, Davie Shipbuilding – an Inocea company – will replace the entire Canadian heavy icebreaker fleet, under the government’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). This generational $8.5bn, seven-ship work program will supply Canada with the world’s most modern and second-largest national icebreaker fleet. The National Icebreaker Centre, created in August 2020, will become a global hub and future exporter of icebreaking and high ice-class technologies. The Arctic is increasingly a geopolitical hotbed and one of the world’s most important future locations in terms of environmental protection, trade, resources, socioeconomic development and national defence. Our R&D into sustainable icebreaking technologies alongside the construction of the new polar fleet for Canada, will place us at the very forefront of this highly-demanded sector. Visit the National Icebreaker Centre. www.icebreakercentre.ca

Naval maintenance centre

Naval Frigate Refit

Sustaining and ensuring optimum performance of a ship through its long life is, arguably, more important than building the vessel itself. Davie, an Inocea group company, is a recognized leader in through-life solutions. An initial $500 million contract is currently underway at Davie to extend the lives of the Royal Canadian Navy’s frigates, Canada’s primary warship fleet. Davie was one of the original builders of this class of ship and, therefore, has extensive knowledge of the fleet. The frigate program is expected to be ongoing for the next 20 years, with the Naval Maintenance Centre also ready and prepared for In-Service Support programs for future classes of naval vessels.


DPIII Subsea Construction Vessel

In 2014, m/v Pride marked the delivery of one of the most complex vessels ever been built in North America, and Canada’s single largest export of that year. Built at Davie, for the construction and installation of subsea infrastructure at up to 3,000m water depth, the vessel was exported to a Norwegian subsea contractor for use in the harshest sectors of the North Sea, whilst providing the highest levels of crew comfort. The DPIII notation defines the highest levels of redundancy in the system that holds the position of the vessel using a variety of sensors and thrusters and allows it to perform mission-critical operations with an accuracy of less than 0.5m.

Armand Imbeau II and Jos-Deschenes II

LNG-powered ferries

The first-ever LNG-powered ferries built in North America, these ships which were built at Davie have created a vital transport link between two sections of a major highway in North East Canada. The ferries required specialist design and construction skills to address two specific challenges. Firstly, a hull and propulsion system which could navigate the fast and thick ice floes on the route. Secondly, outfitting such a compact vessel with the plethora of equipment required for LNG storage and processing. Projects to deliver even more cutting-edge passenger transportation solutions are already underway.