Innovation is the lifeblood of Inocea Group.

It is a key success factor ensuring we continuously identify, meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Our group’s pursuit of the best solutions is never-ending. We proactively monitor and mine key developments across a global spectrum of commercial, manufacturing, finance, regulation, geopolitics and environmental trends and actions.

Inocea Group’s pursuit of innovation includes the following areas:

  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Through-life and in-service support
  • Supply and logistics
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Procurement and business models

Short-Sea Electrification

Our work in building North America’s first LNG ferries has taken us one step closer to what we believe will be both the future and the ultimate in eco-friendly ships. With an initial focus on the Canadian market, we have identified several short-sea routes for ferries and short-sea shipping which would benefit from full electrification. With a surplus of hydro-electric power, Canada can realistically deliver 100% eco-friendly short-sea routes for larger vessels. Vessel electrification is at the forefront of our present research & development activities and we are actively engaged with some of the leading manufacturers of battery and charging systems.

Global Logistics, Aviation and Medical Support Platform (G-LAM)

The world has changed and the likelihood of a symmetric war between sovereign states, particularly at sea, is ever diminishing. What is more commonplace today are counter-terrorist, counter-insurgency and humanitarian and disaster relief operations. While capital ships will always be required as a deterrent, we believe it is the multipurpose, multifunctional ships which are seeing most service in global navies. Davie’s Global Logistics, Aviation and Medical Support Platform (G-LAM) program is a multi-purpose support vessel designed to best support the agenda of western nations in a transforming global geopolitical landscape – prioritizing peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.

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