About us

Inocea is a privately held group of companies headquartered in Europe, which operate internationally to provide engineering, construction, operational management and throughlife solutions for mission-critical assets in the maritime environment.

With a strong footing in project management, we ensure the transfer of best practices throughout our businesses by applying our multi-disciplined operational, technical, commercial and financial skillsets.

Our insight and application of core skillsets allows us to manage and grow a broad range of businesses and assets, which always deliver.



Davie is Canada’s largest shipbuilding and heavy industrial fabricator, providing end-to-end solutions for complex, added-value on and offshore construction projects.


Federal Fleet Services

Federal Fleet Services provides the Royal Canadian Navy with a strategically enabling asset to guarantee mission success.


What we do


As innovators we don’t just look at how we can solve problems, we are constantly striving to pioneer new ways of doing things. Whether it is by bringing a new service to meet the needs of the market, readdressing how existing businesses work or making technological advancements through product invention, we are always innovating.

Through vertical-integration of our companies’ products and services, we offer our group clients with the lifecycle solutions they depend on to support their mission-critical assets. We strive to provide thorough analysis of what our clients require and we tailor our businesses and the products and services they provide to meet demand. In the markets we operate, serving a client through the life of a complex asset means the ability to design, engineer, finance, build and operate.


Sourcing, selecting, executing and then capitalizing on the right investment opportunities in the marine industry takes a unique combination of skills, people and resources. We pride ourselves on our blended skillset of technical, commercial and financial expertise which enables us to do this.

We pursue a global multi asset class approach to investing which involves at least one of the below elements:

Technological innovation: where our insight, partnerships and network with industrial end-users can assist in bringing new products and services to market.

Opportunistic, illiquid or under-valued or distressed assets/businesses: where our applied expertise and market insight can create risk-adjusted returns

Synergistic: where our group as a whole can benefit from the added-value of a target business, asset or technology to provide vertical integration

Our beliefs


People are at the heart of our business and they are the key success factor in any of our businesses; investing in our people directly correlates to the longevity of our success.


We love what we do. It is what makes us who and what we are. We are passionate about the ocean and how we can make a difference to those working in it.


Our enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance is what makes our business perform.


We will never offer products or services which are not best-in-class or are not of value to our client.


It’s always easier to take shortcuts but we are here for the long-haul and that means developing long-term relationships and doing things properly.


Being one step ahead means being smarter than the rest.


Partnerships play a key role in the markets we serve. They extend from the partnerships we develop with our clients to suppliers to technical partners and the local communities we operate in.

Inocea’s continuing partnerships with some of the world’s leading institutional equity investors, private investors and debt providers is evidence of our unwavering integrity, commitment to excellence and superior performance. We source and select project and assets across a wide range of asset classes, risk profiles and investment periods, allowing us to match investor preference. The financial community’s confidence in our asset selection enables us to draw from a broad spectrum of equity and debt sources in order to execute our acquisition strategies.

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